Glow Gravel

Designer Driveway now offers Glow Gravel

Designer Driveway is delighted to be one of the first suppliers in the UK offering an innovative and exciting new product called – Glow Gravel.
With the simple addition of glow in the dark stones powered by daylight, you can transform your driveway or pathway into something quite magical from the moment dusk arrives

The illumination properties which include phosphorescence and luminescent mean that the stones will light any landscape for 12 hours and will endure their environment for approximately 20 years.

Furthermore the properties of these stones are both environmentally friendly and extremely durable for a variety of climates.

Examples of these stones in situ can be found in large scale home landscaping projects including tar, concrete, resin bound, resin bonding, original gravel drives, driveways, patios, gravel paths, rockeries, water features.

They can also be found in the more domestic settings including ponds, fishtanks, and also neat pathway edges.

The opportunities are endless.

This innovative and new product is available in a range of beautiful hues including shades of green and blue. Why not be one of the first in the country to explore and benefit from this new product and arrange an appointment to view samples and find out more about the wide range of installation options available.

Designer Driveway now offers Glow Gravel